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The Scoop

Why scoop!
Animal feces is an environmental pollution problem if left unmanaged. Pet waste carries bacteria,viruses,and parasites that can cause risks to human health and wildlife. That's why all of our employees disinfect their equipment and shoes between each yard to eliminate the possibility of spreading diseases.

The scoop on us!
We are a fully insured professional pet waste removal company that comes to your residence, business or commercial property weekly to pick-up and haul away all pet waste from your yard or dog pen. Our pet-friendly staff members are always in uniform.We service the following areas in S.C.: Aiken County, Edgefield County, and in GA: Columbia County, Richmond County.

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How we scoop!
We use a systematic crisscross grid pattern that allows us to cover every inch of your property, ensuring that no dog waste has been missed. Then we leave a door hanger on your door letting you know that you have been scooped and any abnormality in your pet waste will be noted. The waste is then bagged and removed from you property so you wont have to deal with the mess.


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